Counselling session with Tarot Cards


The aim of this counselling session is to deeply work on the request of the client. During our conversation we will be able to reach your subconsciousness in order to receive clear answers to your questions. Tarot cards is a great tool to look at the life situation from outside and expand your mind and consciousness.



What is a good request?

  • it might be a repetitive situation (for instance, your relationships with different people have the same pattern);
  • anxiety or the situation that bothers you a lot (e.g. has been on your mind for a while);
  • when you need to make a choice out of two options


This counselling session is a meditative process, it is a conversation based on the Tarot cards which helps you get the clear answers you ALREADY have. The consultation is done for the next 6 months and cards provide you with recommendations which have to be followed. 


Price: EUR 45 per hour