Ksenia was born and raised in Karelia, a North-Western region of Russia. Since 2012 she lived abroad – in Israel, Nepal, Thailand and India. There she studied, worked, travelled with a backpack and learnt about eastern mentality and philosophy. Her career in public health and social innovation brought her on a personal quest for alternative methods towards supporting mental health.


With the help of yoga, meditation, Jyotish, art therapy and energy healing she was able to start resolving her personal emotional traumas. Later she met her teachers of Reiki, Cosmoenergy, Tarot and Jyotish from India and Russia.


Since 2016 she started consulting clients. She is now helping others to become change-makers of their own reality, resolve their subconscious traumas and find balance in life at her private sessions and workshops. She advanced her skills in 2019 with a training in Mental Health support held by the International Organisation of Migration in Pisa, Italy. Since then she is offering creative workshops to students and adults.


My research field is related to subconsciousness and creative approaches to it.