Dina Kim – medium and psychic from birth with professional experience in Tarot since 2008 (School of Golden Dawn), Reiki and Cosmoenergy master. Dina used to live in India for five years where while she was also living in Sai Baba ashram she started to work with clients as a healer. Dina is a very powerful healer who can heal with words.


She is my reiki level 1 and 2 master, Tarot teacher and coach in work with subconscious mind. I am eternally grateful to Dina for all the wisdom, patience and time she invested in my personal and professional development. Her greatest talent is to find the right words in situations when it seems that there is absolutely no hope. 

Seva Murti –  ayurvedic doctor with a classic education with a specilisation in ayurvedic pharmacy. Seva had lived in India for ten years (Gokarna, Karnataka) where he advanced his knowledge and practice. He is also trained in Ericsson hypnoses, Zhong Yuan Qigong, master of Reiki and Cosmoenergy.


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Seva is my Master of Reiki and Cosmoenergy teacher. Together with Seva we organised ayurvedic and yoga seminars in Finland, India, Germany and Russia. Seva is a unique specialist in eastern practices, his  calmness and peace of mind are translated to you and give you the feeling of trust and support. 

Irina Dolgalova -  the founder of yoga "Lakshmi Yoga Club" in Helsinki and hatha yoga teacher since 2006. Irina studied with Siderskiy Andrey, David Swenson, Bal Mukund Singh, K. Pattabhi Jois. Irina is a follower of Advaita Vedanta tradition, regular practitioner of pranayama and meditation.


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Irina's soft approach and clear vision inspire her students to fall in love with yoga. Together with Irina we worked in India and Helsinki, where we organised workshops.

Alisa Poplavskaya – artist, hatha yoga teacher and art therapist who lives in Berlin. In her group and individual work with people Alisa is able to bring together art, yoga, healing, meditation and help to release emotional blockages and find inner balance.


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We met with Alisa in Nepal in 2014 where we both lived and worked on one incredible project in a mountain village. Both of us studied there the art of mandala painting which later on we translated into our workshops. Since then we are maintaining our friendship and exchanging our experience. A unique gift of Alisa is to help clients find their artistic channel  and open up a hidden gem of creativity.