Online challenges

Ksenia is organising great online challenges! I am always very keen in joining them. Each challenge has certain topic and assignments. Participants set up a goal and choose personal limitation for the tome of the challenge. During the challenge we receive several assignments for self practice which help to achieve the goal and connect with your own self. An advantage of these challenges is a limited number of participants, which allows to get an individual feedback. 

There is clarity and more energy after each challenge. I am very grateful to Ksenia.


Liuda, 33, New York

Ksenia's challenges help working on certain spheres of life that require more attention. During the challenge I always get the answers or insights to the internal questions. This is a great opportunity to get off the daily routine and devote some time to self development, personal emotions and feelings. A great way to make a stop, look around and define which direction you are heading to.


Ksenia has various approaches and there always new assignments to try out, which helps to overcome personal blockages and unleash your own potential. It is also great to have participants who provide additional support.


Anna, 34, Helsinki

Astro meetups

I was on a lockdown in India being bored and suddenly got a message from Ksenia about the upcoming group webinars to discuss the astrological charts. I decided to join.  And my happy and joyful life has started. The group was made up from very great girls we were meeting up every week and discussed each planed in our charts and their influence in general. It was very interesting to listen to Ksenia's recommendations to other participants and compare them with personal advice. There was a very warm atmosphere among us which was very much needed during the isolation. This way we could learn more about jyotish and understand our natal charts better. I loved this format of consultations. Highly recommended!


I am grateful to Ksenia about the work she has done, her attention to each participant and her ability to create a trustful space and a special mood.


Catherine, 33, Moscow/Dharmasala

Art therapy /

Tarot / Reiki

I met Ksenia by coincidence, if you can say that they exist. Firstly I draw mandalas together with Ksenia, then we did a Tarot session together, and later on I received reiki course from her. As a result, my relationship with parents improved and now I am simply grateful to Ksenia when something new and nice is brought into my life. 

Tatiana, 49 , Pushkin


Ksenia is my tarot master. Personal trust as well as professionalism are very important in it. A lot of people can work with Tarot, but Ksenia can more and better! If you are experiencing indefinite situation or need to clarify something, you will definitely receive profound explanations and great intuitive approach from her! Highly recommended! 

Natalia, 45, Hamburg


Jyotish: I absolutely loved my astrology sessions with Ksenia. I felt so safely taken care of and I always walked away with a fresh level of perspective and clarity. She’s great at holding a safe space and nurturing growth/healing. My sessions were incredibly helpful and a relief during times of emotional, personal, and professional transitions in my life. She helped me understand myself, environment (and the stars!) around me. I would 100% recommend astrology sessions with Ksenia!


Reiki: the distance reiki sessions with Ksenia were so incredibly full of healing and clarity. This really helped me during difficult times. I particularly loved how she checked in and connected regularly and using drawings. I particularly found myself able to connect deeper to my intuition and unlock emotions. Could not recommend these more!



Andreas, 36, California

Jyotish / Workshops

I have been a client of Ksenia's on many occasions such as private readings as well as meditation workshops, and I love her direct, yet compassionate approach. Her readings always aim to heal what is mostly needed at the time, and she will suggest remedies such as meditation techniques or gemstones. She is also a highly intuitive person, and this together with her expertise in Jyotish as well as various healing arts, make her a great healer and astrologer.I highly recommend having a session with her if you are ready to work on yourself and reach for your highest potential!

Ane, 40, Bangkok


Someone sent you to me from above when I needed it the most. That is what I am very grateful for.


Since the first moments that we've met you created an atmosphere of trust where I could be open and share my deepest feelings. Given the fact, that our consultation was on train with lots of strangers, that was quite amazing. 



I am also grateful to you for initiation to the Reiki level 1. Now it is a part of my life. Now it is a part of my life, an additional tool that I use to help my relatives and friends. Reiki has change e from within and my attitude towards life. It has also brought more balance into my life and healed where it was needed.



The vey first impression from the reading - tears, pain and absolutely no desire to accept the truth. After some time, however, there was a week of time with myself and attempts to accept the reality and gratitude for the clarity where to move further. I also realised later that with those harsh words that hurt me Ksenia was trying to show me the way to my own self. 

Daria, 32, Petrozavodsk

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