Energy healing


Since 2016 I have started my path in energy healing - first with cosmoenergy and then with reiki. Both practices are unique and allow to work with subconsciousness gently. 



Is known to the world from Mikao Usui who received the energy during his meditation and later on started to spread it around the world. There are two possible results of reiki:

  1. to find out the source of the problem
  2. to harmonise processes

The word reiki is comprised if "rei" - which is translated as "soul" and "qi" which means "life anergy". With the help of that energy we are able to connect with the soul's desires and intention and help make them true.


There are three levels of reiki:

  • 1st level – energy healing with hands: works with physical body and helps balance the energies where it is necessary
  • 2nd level – distance healing: works with physical and psychosocial issues. It helps to harmonise emotional state and relationships, find life purpose and let go of emotional blockages and misperceptions
  • 3rd level (master of reiki) – provides an ability to do the reiki initiation ceremony


I am a master of reiki and mainly work with my clients on the 2nd level. In addition to the reiki sessions I provide counselling support and art therapy when needed. As a result, the clients experience positive changes in their life, their emotional state is balanced and they find motivation in case it was lost.


Options of distance work:


- Package of 10 sessions - offered for the harmonisation of certain sphere of life (relationships, self confidence, desire to reach certain purpose)


- Regression of age - recommended when there is a need to deal with deep emotional trauma(s). It allows to significantly change the quality of life. The regression is done for each year of life lived plus four additional sessions for the experience at birth, pregnancy, conception and past life. 



One session is 20 EUR






This is an energy practice that allows to cleanse the space, harmonise thoughts, improve health condition and increase your awareness. The cosmoenergy was established by Vladimir Petrov in 1980s with a purpose to receive sacred knowledge and help recover from various health conditions to those who needed it.


It is also an energy practice, but, unlike reiki, it has many channels to work with. Each channel has its own purpose and is very powerful. 


The channels I work with are aimed at the general health support, harmonisation of feminine energies, heart chakra opening and balance of your energy in general. The sessions can be done for groups or individuals and are supported by therapeutic counselling.



One session is 20 EUR