Astrological Jyotish consultations 

Jyotish is translated  from Sanskrit as a divine light. Based on your natal chart it is possible to learn about your potential, karmic lessons and traits of character. This consultation is a deep conversation about yourself and your soul.  


You need to provide your data, time and place of birth prior to the consultation. It is also important to provide your personal request before the consultation. 


Consultation includes:

  • the rectification of your birth time (based on the life events and questions about your character traits)
  •  a detailed description of your chart with the description of karmic lessons and your traits of character
  • recommendations (upayas) on possible ways to balance your life
  • answers to your questions;
  • short description of upcoming planetary periods and recommendations for them
  • compatibility with a partner or description of a suitable life partner if needed


You will get an audio recording of the consultation.


Price: EUR 45 per hour  (1.5 hours is a recommended time)